A district of its own in the Überseequartier area

Every 25hours hotel is geared around the style and charm of its surrounds. So what could be more apt for a HafenCity location than designing the accommodation based on the motto of “Ship ahoy”?


The rooms at this design hotel exude comforting warmth and cosiness, conveying the feel of a safe home in a foreign port. The interior décor combines maritime materials with surprising elements, tying them all together into an effective overall package with a bit of seaman’s yarn.

With seafaring wall art, maritime timber planks and Oriental fabrics, the sights and smells of the big wide world are omnipresent: 170 bunks tell stories of sailors from all corners of the globe, while a logbook in the room arouses one’s own passion for exploration. At the 25HOURS HOTEL HAFENCITY, freedom sounds almost like home port.