Gateway Gardens

2005 – 2025

Frankfurt am Main 

Global Business Village at Frankfurt International Airport.

international feel and high standard of living.

GATEWAY GARDENS – the lush, pulsating heart of the ever-growing Airport City is walking distance from Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2. It is an area with an international feel, high standard of living, and modern architecture.


The central location in Europe and excellent transport access give GATEWAY GARADENS a unique dynamism and allure. With a projected gross floor area of approx. 700,000 m² over grounds spanning 35 hectares, it is one of the largest district developments within a European airport city.

Gateway Gardens is designed to bring businesses and people together – at one of Europe’s most central, mobile locations.
– Condor, Gateway Gardens

The GATEWAY GARDENS project has been made possible by the co-operation between Fraport AG, Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH and the City of Frankfurt.


Since completion of the first building in GATEWAY GARDENS – the largest production facility of leading aviation caterer LSG Sky Chefs in 2008 –, 33% of the area has been marketed. Today, over 4,500 people work in the companies based there. Once the district is complete, this will rise to approx. 18,000 people.


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