Striking views at the Kulturcampus

A new eye-catcher in the Frankfurt skyline

The first major project is being carried out on the site of the former AFE site, based on designs by architecture firm Cyrus Moser. The plan is for a complex of four buildings, intended to form a new district at the intersection of Bockenheim and Westend, with hotels, restaurants, offices and apartments.


Where the university’s AFE tower once soared towards the heavens is now being transformed into a 140-metre-high hotel and residential tower. A new eye-catcher in the Frankfurt skyline, purchased by Commerz Real for its open property fund hausInvest. Another office block is right next-door.

A complex of four buildings, intended to form a new district.
– the new afe tower

a new, lively district

An 8-stream child-care centre is being built here as the smallest unit in the complex. It will be run independently, and have its own development scheme. The fourth building – a second skyscraper around 100 metres high – is currently still a vision. Upon completion, it is set to join with the taller tower to form an urbanistic element on the Kulturcampus – the Main metropolis’ new, lively district.




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An imposing skyscraper that reflects the sound of its surroundings.



A new quarter – the Senckenberg Quartier Frankfurt – is growing bit by bit on the former site of Frankfurt’s Goethe University. Between Westend and Bockenheim, the 21 WEST finds its place as a distinctive part of the ensemble. Flooded with light, the six-storey business solitaire enables future tenants to make individual use of the space. Whether individual or combined offices, open space or even a combination of all three concepts: everything is conceivable here.


The office building in a particularly good location was designed by the Cyrus Moser architectural office – as a free-standing corner building with good visibility and an enormous effect on the overall structure. On the top floor, a terrace invites you to take a well-earned break from everyday life – with a wonderful view of Frankfurt’s skyline.