We create new spaces. Spaces for people, who fill them with life. Our idea of space goes well beyond the conventional understanding of length by width by height; we want to inspire people. That’s our mission – and our passion.

QUARTIERE | 17.05.2017

Öffentlich eingereichte Gestaltungsvorschläge für das zukünftige FOUR Logo

Groß & Partner präsentiert öffentlich eingereichte Gestaltungsideen für das neue FOUR Logo. Vier Favoriten wurden jeweils mit EUR 1.250 prämiert.


FOUR Frankfurt


It is in architecture that time adopts its physical form. We ensure this form acquires a value which outlasts time.

„JÜRGEN GROß, Managing Director“

Regardless of its goal or purpose, architecture is part of our environment. A cultural asset made by people for people – and is valued as such.

„Nikolaus Bieber, Managing Director“

We are of course specialists; qualified experts with experience. But at the same time, we’re people who ensure other people can live and work decently. We enjoy our success – without forgetting what it’s based on.

„PETER MATTEO, Managing Director“

We set ourselves clear goals. And we want to achieve them. In doing so, we take into account the needs of the people, the laws of the material, the requests of the builders – and our own standards.

„MARTIN HAHN, Managing Director“