FOUR Frankfurt

2018 – 2022

Frankfurt am Main 

Four skyscrapers for a lively banking district.

Deutsche Bank Area

Frankfurt’s highest residential and office floors are being built on the former DEUTSCHE BANK site. The four high-rise buildings, reaching heights of up to 228 metres, will feature around 500 new apartments, plus a base construction with a variety of shopping and dining facilities. The project – based on a proposal submitted by UN Studio in Amsterdam – delicately incorporates the heritage-listed façades on Junghofstraße, opening the site up to the city.

New squares, paths and arcades lay the foundations for an urban, mixed-use precinct, combining day-care centres, apartments and offices with hotels, retail and dining. A public rooftop garden will also increase attractiveness between the high-rises, which directly border the downtown shopping and pedestrian streets.

– Design, UN Studio Amsterdam
Angrenzend an den Shopping- und Flaniermeilen der Innenstadt

Nach den Plänen von UNStudio aus Amsterdam öffnet FOUR Frankfurt das bislang nicht zugängliche Areal zu allen Seiten der City und integriert gleichzeitig mit viel Fingerspitzengefühl die denkmalgeschützten Fassaden in der Junghofstraße. So entsteht eine neue Offenheit und ein urbanes Feeling – auf bislang unbeschrittenen Plätzen, Wegen und Passagen.

The main tower will add particular architectural prominence to the project. The new 59-storey skyscraper is rising up directly next to the Commerzbank Tower and Main Tower – and is set to become an integral part of Frankfurt’s high-rise skyline.




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Das Projekt integriert die denkmalgeschützten Fassaden in der Junghofstraße auf sensible Weise und öffnet das Areal hin zur City.